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Greenhills Primary School Gymnasium


Gymnasium: First and foremost, the arrangement of the new Gymnasium building has been designed to tie in with the existing ancillary building and current position of the outdoors sports spaces: basketball court oval and AstroTurf playing fields. Secondly, the arrangement of the Gym has been determined by the ability to expand the facility to the west, and lastly by the land available and sitting of existing school buildings. This has led to a preferred location of ancillary spaces (multipurpose, staff offices and existing ancillary building) along the southern edge of the gym, with the foyer positioned so as to connect in with the internal school grounds and not too far from the public entrance the site. The design provides for a competition sized basketball, netball, and volleyball court. The building has three delineated areas: The Multi-use sports court, the multipurpose room and the storage rooms which are accessible directly from the court.

The outdoor amphitheatre is directly connected to both the multipurpose and the gym providing a quality outdoor teaching space. The Multi-purpose room can be opened to the court via an operable bi-fold door serving as a stage for assemblies and presentations. The Multi-purpose room, can also be opened to the amphitheatre to serve as an outdoor stage for arts and presentations.

Administration: The layout of the administration extension has been designed to comfortably preserve most of the existing walls and structures, making use of existing windows and ceiling heights. An extension to the west of the administration will fit a female staff toilet with 5 toilet pans and basins, a new meeting room and an extension to the existing first aid room. Keeping the central corridor will maintain the access to the proposed spaces, the male and female toilets, and the first aid room while an extended corridor will provide access to the new meeting room. The plan is designed to integrate the new spaces with the existing circulations and to offer more public and accessible areas, such as the first aid and meeting room to the south, while more private facilities such as the staff toilets towards the north.

BER Student Toilets: The student toilets in the BER building will keep the same layout. Only works to upgrade the finishes and hydraulic components will fit in the existing walls and structure.

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