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With extensive experience in education, residential, hospitality and public architecture AOA Christopher Peck have become a trusted name in architectural design and project delivery. Our practice has a detailed understanding of the needs of all parties in a projects cycle and defines a successful project as one in which all of the following are achieved:



AOA’s Core Services include:

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Project Management and Lead Consultancy
  • Tendering and Procurement
  • Contract Administration

In addition to our core services, and acting in the role of Lead Consultants, AOA Christopher Peck is able to engage and manage all required sub-consultants including structural and services engineers, landscape architects, cost consultants and any other specialist services as required by the client.

Establishing The Project Objectives

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Pre-concept Design Reports

The first step in any project is to outline the client objectives which must be met in order for the project to be considered a success.

The Design Process

  • Master Planning
  • Concept Design
  • Detailed Design and Technical Documentation
  • Tender and Construction Documents

We understand that every project is unique. Different project sites and client briefs, as well as ever evolving technology and materials, mean no two projects are ever the same. Early stages of design will see the client’s brief expanded, tested and refined. This allows accurate progression into site analysis and master planning in which the opportunities and constraints of a project are fully explored. Although AOA Christopher Pecks design solutions are unique the process in which the overall design develops follows a structured and transparent framework to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

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The concept design process allows AOA Christopher Peck to develop the look, feel and functionality of the building in a collaborative process with the client until all parties are comfortable with the outcomes. This process can include sketches, 3D images, photo-renders and scale models. During the following detailed design and construction documentation stages the details are added culminating in a robust set of technical information ready to tender and build from.

The Construction Process

  • Tendering and Procurement
  • Contract Administration

With a wealth of experience in the contract administration and delivery of a range of projects AOA Christopher Peck ensures that both the tendering and construction stages of a project are undertaken in a structured and transparent manner.

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Our experience means that the client is assured of receiving complete and competitive tender submissions from suitably qualified contractors.

Our experience means that the client is assured of receiving complete and competitive tender submissions from suitably qualified contractors. Our expertise in contract administration over a range of projects and contract forms means that, regardless of the scale or type of project being undertaken, the client will be provided with professional and proactive guidance through this critical phase until the completion of the project.

Environmental Sustainability

In playing our part in mitigating the construction industry’s contribution to climate change, this committed approach also strives to provide users with the most comfortable and healthy built outcome possible, reliant on as little energy as possible to do so.

AOA believes that to design well is to do so sustainably. To design in consideration of the environment – either the greater environment or the immediate environment of the users – is a responsible and essential approach.

Always was, always will be

Our projects are spread far across Australia, and for every site we emphasise the importance in working with, listening to, and learning from traditional custodians as Australia’s first designers, so we can more appropriately respond to these lands and waters.

An open approach to collaboration can establish new connections, elevate and empower those involved, enrich the end result, and help preserve ancient and continuing stories for generations to come.


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